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Azimut Grande 116
Azimut Grande 116
Azimut Grande 116
Azimut Grande 116
4 950 000
Used Yacht 2008 35.50
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Cherentaev Igor
Sales manager
Azimut Yachts Montenegro

Official Representative and Partner of Benetti Yachts

The company Azimut Yachts Montenegro is an exclusive representative and partner of Azimut Benetti Group on the territory of Montenegro countries regarding its luxury yacht directions Azimut Grande, Benetti and Benetti Now. Yachts from Benetti are exclusive yachts with length from 30 to 80 meters and are completely customized in superstructure, layout, interiors and other unique solutions. More than 15 years of successful implementation of ambitious projects of our clients allow us to offer our professional experience in the fields of construction, survey and management of yachts from 30 meters and more.
Transportation and launching of Benetti Classic Supreme 132

Benetti Shipyard

The company Azimut Yacht Montenegro is an official partner of the brand Benetti, which is a part of the Azimut Benetti Group. Benetti is the world’s leader in mega yachts construction, as confirmed by the Global Order Book annual report. This report represents a market analysis in mega yachts industry on the base of verified information on mega yachts projects that are currently under construction at different shipyards. Azimut Benetti Group has constantly been at the top of ratings as a “World leader in mega yachts construction” for 16 years in a row.

Among our many Clients there are those who have eventually formed their personal conceptions of relaxation. These conceptions are unique and different in their details. But one thing they do have in common – the Clients start appreciating the yacht size “from 30 meters”. Here at the forefront we have Benetti and Azimut Grande - two supreme lines of Azimut Benetti Group, two areas where a great freedom of action in terms of implementation of one’s unique project is possible.

A 143-year history with more than 350 vessels built, more than 300 000 sq. m (3.229.173 sq. feet) of production capacity at three shipyards in Italy and 35 yachts currently under construction, including three yachts over 100 m - the facts and figures clearly speak for themselves, illustrating the growth of Benetti and a huge confidence of customers towards the brand.

Exclusive yachts of Benetti and Azimut Grande

Brands Azimut Grande and Benetti cover the range of elite custom yachts from 27 to 42 meters. In 2017 due to a series of new generation yachts Azimut managed to widen the concept definition of a “mega yacht”, or to be more exact, to make it closer for a bigger number of potential yacht owners. In the 27-meter hull there has been ideally embodied the concept of a present-day 5-cabin yacht with the Owner’s apartment on the main deck. The larger models in the line Grande are constructed in the same principal key and keep raising the levels of comfort on board. Benetti yachts start their model row with the new look 30-meter Benetti Delfino 95. It is a 3-deck yacht with the master’s cabin on the main deck and a big sundeck on the upper deck. Benetti offers both displacement and "fast" yachts: series 125 Fast и 140 Veloce.

On the page “Construction of Yachts and Mega yachts” you will find the details about that versatile and comprehensive process, about our approach, experience and our projects. We offer our professional experience at your disposal, let’s get in touch and start construction of a yacht together!

Exclusive megayachts Benetti Now Displacement and Benetti Now Fast

"BNow by RWD" is a new family of displacement yachts with steel hulls and aluminum superstructures, which is part of Custom Now product series. The models are represented in 4 sizes: starting from the smallest 50-metre model classified <500 GRT, and going further to the models with length of 56, 63 and 68 meters.

These new models are the result of a long-term partnership between Benetti and the British-based design studio RWD. The first creation of the partnership was previewed at the Cannes Boat Show as a premiere of the new 130’ GRP yacht "OASIS". This yacht has features that are common to the whole family of BNow yachts: sleek exterior lines and vertical bow, as well as the main advantage of "BNow be RWD" – short terms of production due to innovations in construction technology.

For more information, please contact our manager
Cherentaev Igor
Sales manager
Azimut Yachts Montenegro
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